Where are your data center locations?

Below is the list of regions on Liferay PaaS that can be used to host your environments and data:

  • Oregon, USA: us-west1
  • Iowa, USA: us-central1
  • Montreal, Canada: northamerica-northeast1
  • São Paulo, Brazil: southamerica-east1
  • London, England: europe-west2
  • Frankfurt, Germany: europe-west3
  • Hamina, Finland: europe-north1
  • Doha, Qatar: me-central1
  • Dammam, Saudi Arabia: me-central2
  • *Mumbai, India: asia-south1
  • Jurong West, Singapore: asia-southeast1
  • Osaka, Japan: asia-northeast2
  • Tokyo, Japan: asia-northeast1
  • *Sydney, Australia: australia-southeast1

* These regions require special approval for new projects. Please contact your account manager to request access. Choosing one of these regions could delay project creation for up to 5 business days.

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