Registering Entries with the Search Framework

Enabling Search and Indexing for Entries

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The search registrar for Entries is very similar to the one created for Guestbooks. You’ll even put it in the same package (

Create the EntrySearchRegistrar:

  1. In, create a new class called EntrySearchRegistrar and populate it with two methods, activate and deactivate.

    @Component(immediate = true)
    public class EntrySearchRegistrar {
        protected void activate(BundleContext bundleContext) {
            _serviceRegistration = modelSearchRegistrarHelper.register(
                Entry.class, bundleContext, modelSearchDefinition -> {
                        Field.COMPANY_ID, Field.ENTRY_CLASS_NAME,
                        Field.ENTRY_CLASS_PK, Field.UID, 
                        Field.SCOPE_GROUP_ID, Field.GROUP_ID);
                        Field.TITLE, Field.CONTENT);
        protected void deactivate() {

As you did with Guestbooks, set the default selected field names used to retrieve results documents from the search engine. For Entries, call setDefaultSelectedLocalizedFieldNames for the title and content fields. This ensures that the localized version of the field is searched and returned. The only other difference with Entries is the call to setSelectAllLocales(true). It takes the fields set in setDefaultSelectedLocalizedFieldNames and sets those fields for each available locale in the stored_fields parameter of the search request. If not set to true, only a single locale is searched.

  1. Specify the service references for the class:

        @Reference(target = "(")
        protected ModelIndexerWriterContributor<Entry> modelIndexWriterContributor;
        protected ModelSearchRegistrarHelper modelSearchRegistrarHelper;
        @Reference(target = "(")
        protected ModelSummaryContributor modelSummaryContributor;
        private ServiceRegistration<?> _serviceRegistration;

    Target the Entry model while looking up a reference to the contributor classes. Later, when you create these contributor classes, you’ll specify the model name again to complete the circle.

The Entry search and indexing class registration is completed. Next write the search and indexing logic.

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