Querying for Entry Documents

Enabling Search and Indexing for Entries

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The code is in place for indexing Entries to the search engine. Next code the behavior necessary for querying the indexed documents.

Implement two classes:

  1. EntryKeywordQueryContributor contributes clauses to the ongoing search query.

  2. EntryModelPreFilterContributor controls how search results are filtered before they’re returned from the search engine.

Implementing KeywordQueryContributor

Create EntryKeywordQueryContributor and populate it with this:

        immediate = true,
        property = "indexer.class.name=com.liferay.docs.guestbook.model.Entry",
        service = KeywordQueryContributor.class
public class EntryKeywordQueryContributor implements KeywordQueryContributor {

    public void contribute(
        String keywords, BooleanQuery booleanQuery,
        KeywordQueryContributorHelper keywordQueryContributorHelper) {

        SearchContext searchContext =

    booleanQuery, searchContext, Field.TITLE, false);
    booleanQuery, searchContext, Field.CONTENT, false);
    booleanQuery, searchContext, "entryEmail", false);

    protected QueryHelper queryHelper;


Adding the localized search terms is important. For all localized Entry fields in the index, retrieve the localized value from the search engine.

Now that the query code is in place, you can define how returned Entry documents are summarized.

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