Installing X-Pack (6.1)

X-Pack is an Elasticsearch extension for securing and monitoring Elasticsearch clusters. If you use Elasticsearch, you should secure it with X-Pack. X-Pack’s security features include authenticating access to the Elasticsearch cluster’s data and encrypting Elasticsearch’s internal and external communications. Most production systems requires these features. A Liferay Enterprise Search subscription gets you access to two X-Pack Connectors for Liferay DXP: monitoring and security. Contact Liferay’s Sales department for more information.

Here’s an overview of using X-Pack to secure the data indexed in Elasticsearch:

  1. Get an Enterprise Search subscription.

  2. Install X-Pack into Elasticsearch and configure it to require authentication and encryption.

  3. Download and install the Liferay Enterprise Search Security.

  4. Configure the secuirty app with the proper credentials and encryption information.

  5. Restart Elasticsearch.

Important: These steps require a full cluster restart.

On completing these steps, your Elasticsearch installation communicates freely with Liferay DXP.

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