Troubleshooting Liferay DXP Data Sources

Sometimes different issues may prevent Token connection to be set up properly. Here’s how to troubleshoot DXP data source Token connection.

No Network Access to Analytics Cloud

For customer with Liferay DXP server behind the firewall,  please make sure your DXP instance has internet access to our Analytic Cloud server by add the following URLs to the whitelist:

Note: Please contact Liferay Analytics Cloud Support at to obtain your {weDeployKey}.

Important: For some use cases, such as analyzing corporate intranet, your visitors’ browsers are also behind the firewall. Analytics events are sent via analytics.js directly from the client browser, so make sure your corporate office network also allows outbound access for the above URLs.

Verify that data are being sent to Analytics Cloud

Here are some useful tips to help you validate that the data are being sent properly to Analytics Cloud

Analytics event

Analytics events are sent directly from the client's browser. To validate if the data are being sent analytics cloud, 

  1. Visit one of the pages of your DXP website that is being tracked. 
  2. Open the browser inspector and go to the Network tab
  3. Filter the network tab by XHR
  4. Refresh the page
  5. Verify that you see a request starting with “osbasahpublisher”. The request should look something similar to the screenshot below


If you are able to see this request that means your website is sending analytics data to your AC workspace. Check the request payload and verify that there is a variable called channelId. If channelID is null, your data source is currently using an OAuth Connection. If the channelId is a string of numbers, then you are currently using a token connection.

Contacts Data

DXP will also send contact information of your logged in user to Analytics Cloud as individual profile data. These data are sent directly from the DXP server. 

To verify that contacts data are being sent, check the DXP server log for the following

INFO  [liferay/analytics_messages_processor-1][AddAnalyticsMessagesMessageListener:70] Added 500 analytics messages

INFO  [liferay/analytics_messages_processor-1][AddAnalyticsMessagesMessageListener:70] Added 500 analytics messages

INFO  [liferay/scheduler_dispatch-3][SendAnalyticsMessagesMessageListener:149] Sent 100 analytics messages

INFO  [liferay/scheduler_dispatch-3][SendAnalyticsMessagesMessageListener:164] Deleted 100 analytics messages

If you see these server logs, then your contact data are being sent successfully to AC. 

Data Processing time in Analytics Cloud

Once the data arrives at Analytics Cloud, it will also take some time to process, before you see the data. 

For Analytics events, you should be able to see visitors metric in the 24 hours filter in the Site Dashboard within 10 to 15 minutes.


Other session-related data such as session duration, and bounce rate etc, will have to wait until the visitor session ends. Visitor session is over when there are 30 minutes of inactivity, or at 00:00:00 UTC.

Lastly, an Individual's profile takes longer to process and will slowly become available over time.

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