Managing Message Boards Categories and Threads Permissions

This article sets forth the permissions rules for managing Message Boards Categories and Threads. One question is whether the system is granular enough to allow users to delete only category threads for which category the role is assigned, and not other category threads.


Anyone with the "Delete" Permission can delete the contents of an entire category, including individual threads, and any other category they have permissions to manage. In other words, this is all or nothing.

To demonstrate, create a site role called Forum Moderator with the following permissions:

  1. Navigate to Control Panel → Users → Roles.
  2. Click the Site Roles tab.
  3. Click the plus button to add a Site Role.
    • Name: Forum Moderator
    • Title: Forum Moderator
    • Description: Moderate message boards categories and threads.
  4. Click the Save button.
  5. Click the 3-dot icon → Define Permissions.
  6. Click Site Administration → Content → Message Boards.
  7. Grant all the permissions for Message Boards then click Save.

At this point, a Site Role has been created just for moderating Message Boards. Assign a user (other than the omni-admin) to this role. If there are any categories and threads, the Forum Moderator Role is able to delete any category, subcategory, or thread.

Lastly, recall that asset permissions in Liferay DXP and legacy Portal 6.2 have always been set at the Role level, not individual users. The only way to allow more granular control is to have multiple roles with different permissions for different categories; Moderator One has permissions for only categories 1-4 and its messages, while Moderator Two has permissions for categories 5-6, and Moderator Three has permissions for only categories 7-10, etc.

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