Enabling Tags, Categories, and Related Assets for Guestbooks

Adding Asset Features to Your UI

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Since you already asset-enabled guestbooks at the service layer, guestbook entities can now support tags and categories. All that’s left is to enable them in the UI. In this step, you’ll update the Guestbook Admin portlet’s edit_guestbook.jsp so administrators can add, edit, or remove tags and categories when adding or updating a guestbook.

Enabling Asset Features

Follow these steps:

  1. In the guestbook-web module’s /guestbookadminportlet/edit_guestbook.jsp, add the tags <liferay-ui:asset-categories-error /> and <liferay-ui:asset-tags-error/> to the aui:form below the closing </aui:button-row> tag:

    <liferay-ui:asset-categories-error />
    <liferay-ui:asset-tags-error />

    These tags display error messages if an error occurs with the tags or categories submitted in the form.

  2. Below the error tags, add a <liferay-ui:panel> tag with the following attributes:

    <liferay-ui:panel defaultState="closed" extended="<%= false %>"
      id="guestbookCategorizationPanel" persistState="<%= true %>"

    The <liferay-ui:panel> tag generates a collapsible section.

  3. Add input fields for tags and categories inside the panel section you just created. Specify the assetCategories and assetTags types for the <aui:input /> tags. These input tags represent asset categories and asset tags. You can group related input fields together with an <aui:fieldset> tag. The tags generate the appropriate selectors for tags and categories and displays those that have already been added to the guestbook:

    	<liferay-asset:asset-categories-selector className="<%= Guestbook.class.getName() %>" classPK="<%= guestbook %>" />
    	<liferay-asset:asset-tags-selector className="<%= Guestbook.class.getName() %>" classPK="<%= guestbook %>" />
  4. Add a second <liferay-ui:panel> tag under the existing one. In this new tag, add an <aui:fieldset> tag containing a <liferay-ui:asset-links> tag. To display the correct asset links (the selected guestbook’s related assets), set the className and classPK attributes:

    <liferay-ui:panel defaultState="closed" extended="<%= false %>"
      id="guestbookAssetLinksPanel" persistState="<%= true %>"
          className="<%= Guestbook.class.getName() %>"
          classPK="<%= guestbookId %>" />

Test the updated edit_guestbook.jsp page by navigating to the Guestbook Admin portlet in the Control Panel and clicking Add Guestbook. You’ll see a field for adding tags and a selector for selecting related assets.

Figure 1: Once youve updated your Guestbook Admin portlets edit_guestbook.jsp page, youll see forms for adding tags and selecting related assets.

Figure 1: Once you've updated your Guestbook Admin portlet's `edit_guestbook.jsp` page, you'll see forms for adding tags and selecting related assets.

Don’t do anything with these fields yet, because you’re not done implementing assets. Next, you’ll enable tags and categories for guestbook entries.

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