Liferay Customization

Liferay DXP is highly customizable. Its modular architecture contains components you can extend and override dynamically. This section explains Liferay DXP’s architecture and customization fundamentals and demonstrates overriding and extending Liferay DXP components and applications using APIs.

  • Fundamentals include understanding and configuring dependencies, packaging, and deployment. Here you’ll work with module JARs, plugin WARs, components, and Java packages in Liferay DXP.

  • Architecture dives deep into how Liferay DXP uses modularity and OSGi to provide the core, application modules, component services, and extension points. Learning the architecture helps you develop better customizations fast, and it empowers you to build extension points into your own applications.

  • Built-in customization features, including Widget Templates and Web Experience Management help you customize content and pages faster. All this is done from within the Liferay DXP UI.

  • Application customization articles (listed after the Architecture articles) demonstrate modifying Liferay applications via their APIs and extension points.

Start with Fundamentals.

Introduction to Fundamentals »
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