Portal Properties

You can set portal properties to configure and override Liferay DXP features. Your installation’s portal-impl.jar embeds the default properties file:

portal.properties (Opens New Window)

Overriding a portal property requires creating an extension portal properties file that specifies the properties you’re overriding.

Here’s an example of setting Portal’s data source to a MySQL database by adding override properties in a [Liferay Home]/portal-ext.properties file:


The [include-and-override](https://docs.liferay.com/dxp/portal/7.2-latest/propertiesdoc/portal.properties.html#Properties Override) property specifies portal property files that override the defaults. It specifies the order the files are read—the last file read takes highest priority.

Properties file prioritization (highest to lowest):

  1. [Liferay Home]/portal-setup-wizard.properties
  2. [user home]/portal-setup-wizard.properties
  3. [Liferay Home]/portal-ext.properties
  4. [user home]/portal-ext.properties
  5. [Liferay Home]/portal-bundle.properties
  6. [user home]/portal-bundle.properties
  7. [Liferay Home]/portal.properties
  8. portal-impl.jar/portal.properties

[Liferay Home]/portal-ext.properties is the most commonly used file for overriding the defaults.

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