Front-End Taglibs

You have access to a powerful set of taglibs for creating commonly used UI components in your apps, themes, and web content. The following taglibs are covered in this section:

  • AUI: create common UI components such as forms, buttons, and more.

  • Chart: visualize data. Create bar charts, line charts, scatter charts, spline charts, and much more.

  • Clay: create Clay components, such as alerts, buttons, drop-down menus, form elements, and more for your apps.

  • Frontend: create UI components commonly used throughout Portal’s apps, such as add menus, cards, management bars, and more.

  • Liferay UI: create common UI components such as icons, tabs, and more.

  • Liferay Util: load additional resources, define parameters, buffer content, and more.

In this section, you’ll learn how to use taglibs to build awesome user interfaces for your apps!

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