Setting up Your npm Environment

If you’re using npm for development in Liferay DXP, you should set up your npm environment to avoid potential permissions issues. Follow these steps to configure your npm environment:

  1. Create an .npmrc file in your user’s home directory. This helps bypass npm permission-related issues.

  2. In the .npmrc file, specify a prefix property based on your user’s home directory, like the one shown below. This value specifies where to install global npm packages:

  3. Set the NPM_PACKAGES system environment variable to the prefix value you just specified:

    NPM_PACKAGES=/Users/[username]/.npm-packages (same as prefix value)
  4. Since npm installs Yeoman and gulp executables to ${NPM_PACKAGES}/bin on UNIX and to %NPM_PACKAGES% on Windows, make sure to add the appropriate directory to your system path. For example, on UNIX you’d set this:

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