Liferay Dev Studio

Liferay Dev Studio is an extension for the Eclipse platform for developing Liferay DXP plugins. It works with build tools such as Gradle and Maven and configuration tools like BndTools.

Dev Studio makes Liferay development easier by providing an intuitive GUI. It contains

  • Liferay-specific wizards for creating/developing Liferay DXP projects.
  • Liferay server management and project testing capabilities.
  • Editors for Service Builder files, workflow definitions, POM files, and more.
  • Snippets for tag libraries
  • etc.

Here you’ll learn how to

You can also find Gradle and Maven reference articles that highlight popular use cases for those respective build tools in Dev Studio.

For help creating and deploying projects with Dev Studio, or creating a Liferay Workspace, visit their respective articles.

Let Dev Studio aid in your conquest for Liferay DXP development. Continue on to learn how!

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