Installing the Liferay Theme Generator to Import a 6.2 Theme

Setting up the Development Environment

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Follow these steps:

  1. Install NodeJS (along with Node Package Manager(npm)) if it’s not already installed. We recommend installing the Long Term Support (LTS) version. Once NodeJS is installed, set up your npm environment.

  2. Use npm to install the Yeoman dependency:

    npm install -g yo
  3. Install the Liferay Theme Generator v8.x.x with the command below:

    npm install -g generator-liferay-theme@8.x.x

    If you’re on Windows, follow the instructions in step 4 to install Sass, otherwise you can skip that step.

  4. The generator uses node-sass. If you’re on Windows, you must also install node-gyp and Python.

Nice job! Your npm environment is set up and the Liferay Theme Generator and dependencies are installed. Next, you can import the Liferay DXP 6.2 theme to use the Liferay JS Theme Toolkit.

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