Template Context Contributor

The Template Context Contributor sample injects a new variable into Liferay DXP’s theme context. When deploying this sample with no customizations, you can use the ${sample_text} variable from any theme.

What API(s) and/or code components does this sample highlight?

Many developers prefer using templating frameworks like FreeMarker and Velocity, but don’t have access to the common objects offered to those working with JSPs. Context contributors allow non-JSP developers an easy way to inject variables into their Liferay templates.

This sample leverages the TemplateContextContributor API.

How does this sample leverage the API(s) and/or code component?

You can easily modify this sample by customizing its BladeTemplateContextContributor.java Java class. For example, the default context contributor sample provides the ${sample_text} variable by injecting it into Liferay’s contextObjects, which is a map provided by default to offer common variables to non-JSP template developers. You can easily inject your own variables into the contextObjects map usable by any theme deployed to Liferay DXP.

Are you working with templates that aren’t themes (e.g., ADTs, DDM templates, etc.)? You can change the context in which your variables are injected by modifying the property attribute in the @Component annotation. If you want your variable available for all templates, change it to

property = {"type=" + TemplateContextContributor.TYPE_GLOBAL}

For more information on customizing the Template Context Contributor sample to fit your needs, see the Javadoc listed in this sample’s com.liferay.blade.samples.theme.contributorBladeTemplateContextContributor class. For more information on context contributors and how to create them in Liferay DXP, visit the Context Contributors tutorial.

Where Is This Sample?

There are three different versions of this sample, each built with a different build tool:

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