Obtaining Liferay DXP

Before you begin, you should answer a few questions.

  • Which version of Liferay DXP will you install?
  • Is your installation for development purposes or are you preparing to run in production?
  • Are you installing Liferay DXP in a clustered environment?
  • Which application server do you want Liferay DXP to run on?
  • Are you installing on an existing application server?

Here you’ll determine the installation that’s best for you and download it.

Anyone can download Liferay DXP from liferay.com. Clicking Resources → Community Downloads takes you to the Community Downloads page, where you can access Liferay Portal CE or a trial of the enterprise supported Liferay DXP. The installers are available in several different formats. The formats include a Liferay Tomcat bundle (Liferay DXP bundled with Tomcat) as well as a Liferay DXP .war (WAR) file for installing Liferay DXP on an existing application server of choice.

Liferay enterprise subscribers can download Liferay DXP from the Help Center.

Liferay DXP runs on a wide variety of application servers (Check the Support page for a complete listing). Here are the ways to install Liferay DXP:

Since the Liferay Tomcat bundle is the easiest way, it’s described first.

Liferay Tomcat Bundle

The Liferay Tomcat bundle includes the Tomcat application server with Liferay DXP pre-installed. If you prefer using another application server with Liferay DXP, you must install it manually. If you don’t currently have an application server preference, consider starting with the Tomcat bundle. Tomcat is one of the most lightweight and straightforward bundles to configure.

Bundles are released as 7-Zip (.7z) and gzipped (.tar.gz) compressed file archive formats. Installing Liferay DXP demonstrates installing Liferay DXP from a bundle. Follow its instructions once you’ve prepared for installing Liferay DXP (see the next article).

Liferay DXP bundles might not be appropriate for you. Here are some reasons for installing the Liferay DXP WAR manually instead of using a bundle.

  • There is no Liferay DXP bundle for the application server you want to use.

  • You’re installing Liferay DXP in a clustered environment.

  • You’re installing to an existing application server.

Manual installation is described next.

Downloading the Liferay WAR and Dependency JARs

Manual installation requires installing the Liferay DXP WAR and dependency JARs onto the application server. These files are available to download for DXP or Portal CE:

  • Liferay DXP WAR file
  • Dependencies ZIP file
  • OSGi Dependencies ZIP file

After preparing for install (next), follow the Liferay DXP installation steps for your application server. There are specific configuration and script changes required on each application. The installation article titles follow this format, with [Application Server] replaced by the application server name.

Installing Liferay DXP on [Application Server]

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