Preventing Accidental File Deletion in Liferay Sync

Liferay Sync’s power rests in its ability to propagate between Liferay DXP and connected Sync clients. When a user deletes a file from a connected client, Sync also deletes the file in the instance and in any other connected clients. Likewise, if a user deletes a file in the instance, Sync also deletes the file in all connected clients. In other words, anywhere a user deletes a file, Sync deletes it everywhere. But don’t worry: Liferay DXP’s Recycle Bin is enabled by default and lets you recover deleted files. You can access the Recycle Bin from each Site’s Site Administration menu.

Liferay DXP instance and Site administrators can, of course, disable the Recycle Bin. Disabling the Recycle Bin in a Site, however, leaves the Site vulnerable to accidental file deletions that propagate through Sync.

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