Content Set Personalization

In Creating User Segments you created a Segment called American Engineers. Now, you’ll use it to demonstrate Content Set Personalization. For this example, create a Content Set to be the default displayed on the Home page. Then you’ll modify it to create a personalized variation containing technical articles for members of the American Engineers segment.

If you’re not familiar with Content Set, see the Creating Content Sets article before you get started here.

Creating and Setting the Default Content Set

First create the default Content Set and configure it on the Home page using the Asset Publisher.

  1. Go to Site AdministrationContent & DataContent Sets.

  2. Click the Add button (Add) and choose Manual Selection.

  3. Name it Home Page Content.

  4. For the new Content Set, click Select next to Asset Entries and select Basic Web Content.

    Figure 1: Click Select to add a new Asset Entries.

    Figure 1: Click *Select* to add a new Asset Entries.

  5. On the Select Basic Web Content page, check the boxes next to the content you want to add and click Add.

  6. Navigate to the Home page and add an Asset Publisher to the page.

  7. Open Configuration for the Asset Publisher.

  8. Under Asset Selection select Content Set.

  9. Under Select Content Set click Select, choose Home Page Content, and click Save.

Now the Content Set that you configured appears in the Asset Publisher on the Home Page. Next configure the Content Set for Personalization.

Personalizing the Content Set

Now create the content set for engineers and configure its display.

  1. Go back to the Content Set from Site Administration.

  2. Click New Personalized Variation and select the American Engineers segment

    Figure 2: Create a new Personalized Variation.

    Figure 2: Create a new Personalized Variation.

  3. Click Select next to Asset Entries and select Basic Web Content.

  4. Select articles appropriate to an engineering audience and click Add.

Now anytime a member of the American Engineers segment views this Content Set being displayed, they see the personalized version and not the default. Test this now, using the Simulator.

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