Copying Folders

To copy a folder with the Documents and Media API, use the copyFolder method discussed in Copying and Moving Entities. The steps here show you how. For general information on using the API, see Documents and Media API.

Follow these steps to use copyFolder to copy a folder:

  1. Get a reference to DLAppService:

    private DLAppService _dlAppService;
  2. Get the data needed to populate the copyFolder method’s arguments. How you do this depends on your use case. The copy operation in this example takes place in the default Site repository and retains the folder’s existing name and description. It therefore needs the folder’s group ID (to specify the default site repository), name, and description. Also note that because the destination folder in this example is the repository’s root folder, the parent folder ID isn’t needed—Liferay DXP supplies a constant for specifying a repository’s root folder.

    In the following code, ParamUtil gets the folder’s ID from the request (javax.portlet.ActionRequest), and the service reference’s getFolder method gets the corresponding folder object. The folder’s getGroupId(), getName(), and getDescription() methods then get the folder’s group ID, name, and description, respectively:

    long folderId = ParamUtil.getLong(actionRequest, "folderId");
    Folder folder = _dlAppService.getFolder(folderId);
    long groupId = folder.getGroupId();
    String folderName = folder.getName();
    String folderDescription = folder.getDescription();
    ServiceContext serviceContext = ServiceContextFactory.getInstance(
                DLFolder.class.getName(), actionRequest);
  1. Call the service reference’s copyFolder method with the data from the previous step. Note that this example uses the DLFolderConstants constant DEFAULT_PARENT_FOLDER_ID to specify the repository’s root folder as the destination folder:

            groupId, folderId, DLFolderConstants.DEFAULT_PARENT_FOLDER_ID, 
            folderName, folderDescription, serviceContext);

Note that you can change any of these values to suit your copy operation. For example, if your copy takes place in a repository other than the default Site repository, you would specify that repository’s ID in place of the group ID. You could also specify a different destination folder, and/or change the new folder’s name and/or description.

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