Implementing Rating Type Selection

For administrators to change your app’s rating type (e.g. likes, stars, thumbs), you must implement rating type selection. The steps here show you how. For a detailed explanation of these steps and rating type selection, see Rating Type Selection.

  1. Implement the PortletRatingsDefinition interface, registering the class as an OSGi component. In the @Component annotation, set the property to the fully qualified name of the class that will use this rating definition. This example rating definition is for a blog entry, so the property is set to com.liferay.portlet.blogs.model.BlogsEntry:

        property = {
    public class BlogsPortletRatingsDefinition implements PortletRatingsDefinition {...
  2. Implement the PortletRatingsDefinition methods getDefaultRatingsType and getPortletId to return the entity’s default rating type and the portlet ID of the main portlet that uses the entity, respectively. In this example, the rating type is thumbs and the portlet ID is for the Blogs portlet:

    public RatingsType getDefaultRatingsType() {
        return RatingsType.THUMBS;
    public String getPortletId() {
        return PortletKeys.BLOGS;

Rating Type Selection

Rating Assets

Customizing Rating Value Transformation

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