Using Providers with Custom Applications

Imagine a widget that can display lists of orders. You can use the Info Framework so that it shows any list of orders provided through InfoListProvider.

First you must obtain a list of all available providers for the desired type, and then you would obtain a specific provider through that list.

  1. The list of all available providers for MyOrder, can be obtained done by using the InfoListProviderTracker:

    InfoListProviderTracker _infoListProviderTracker;

    Once a tracker is available, obtaining the list is as simple as invoking getInfoListProviders():


    When the user selects an item from this list, you can store the class’s name.

  2. When a specific provider is desired it can be obtained through its class name as follows:


Leveraging renderers from a custom application

Using renderers from a custom application is almost identical to using providers. Here is the equivalent code to what you’ve seen previously:


String infoItemRendererClassName = MyOrderRenderer.class.getName();
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