Configuring User Group Permissions

Administrators commonly create User Groups so the group’s Users can take some specific action in a Site. This is done by assigning the permissions for that action to a Role, and then assigning that Role to the User Group. This grants the Role’s permissions to the User Group’s Users.

Follow these steps to grant permissions to Users in a User Group:

  1. Create the User Group.
  2. Assign the User Group to a Site.
  3. Create the Site Role and define its permissions.
  4. Assign the Role to the User Group.

For instructions on the first three steps, click those links above. This article shows you how to assign a Role to a User Group:

  1. Open the Menu (Menu), select the Site to work in, then open its Site Administration menu.

  2. In the Site Administration menu, select PeopleMemberships. This opens the Memberships screen.

    Figure 1: Select Memberships from the Site Administration menu.

    Figure 1: Select *Memberships* from the Site Administration menu.

  3. In Memberships, select the User Groups tab. This tab displays User Groups currently assigned to the Site.

  4. Click the Actions button (Actions) for the User Group you want to assign to a Role, and select Assign Site Roles. This opens the Assign Site Roles dialog.

    Figure 2: Select Assign Site Roles for the user group.

    Figure 2: Select *Assign Site Roles* for the user group.

  5. In the Assign Site Roles dialog, select the Role from the list and click Done.

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