Building Gradle/Maven Themes in Liferay Workspace

Liferay Workspace provides the wars folder for any WAR-style project. Themes created with Blade CLI or Maven using the theme project template or archetype are automatically generated here when creating the project within Workspace.

Follow the steps below to build a Gradle/Maven theme in workspace’s wars folder:

  1. Follow the Creating a Project article to generate a project based on a project template or archetype. Make sure to select the theme template.

    Themes built using Liferay’s theme project template are always WARs and should always reside in Workspace’s wars folder. They should never be moved to the themes folder; that folder is reserved for themes generated by the Theme Generator.

  2. Navigate into your new theme and run

    ./gradlew build

    Liferay Workspace builds the theme using Gradle. Under the hood, Liferay’s Theme Builder Gradle Plugin is applied and used to build your theme. It works similarly in a Maven workspace. See the Building Themes in a Maven Project article for more information.

Awesome! You know how WAR-style themes are built in workspace and where they should reside.

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