Updating Default Plugins Provided by Liferay Workspace

Liferay Workspace comes with a slew of plugins like these:

Bundled plugins are updated with each release of workspace. Suppose you need a new feature in the Source Formatter plugin, but the latest workspace version has not yet been updated to include it. You can upgrade it yourself!

To upgrade one of workspace’s bundled plugins, follow these steps:

  1. Find the bundle symbolic name (BSN) for the plugin you want to update. You can find this value in the portal-tools.properties file. For example, the Source Formatter’s BSN is com.liferay.source.formatter.

  2. Open your workspace’s build.gradle file and copy the plugin’s BSN followed by .version and set the desired plugin version you want to use. For example,


    If you’re most interested in the latest and greatest plugins, you can set the above property to latest.release to always use the latest available version. This could, however, cause your workspace to become unstable.

That’s it! You’re no longer tied to particular plugin versions provided by your workspace.

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