How to modify Terms and Conditions


  • How to modify "Terms and Conditions" which are displayed when a user logs in for the first time in the portal?


  • Liferay 7.0


  • Adding the custom Terms and Conditions involves the following three steps
    1) Creating a web content which includes the Terms and Conditions
    2) Navigate to Control Panel -> Configuration -> Instance Settings -> Terms of Use
    3) Provide the value for "Terms of Use Web Content Group ID" and "Article ID"


Additional Information

Finding Article ID:
Click on the lexicon button of the created article and then click on edit, on top you will find the article ID

Finding Group ID:
Group ID is nothing but the Site ID. i.e. The ID of the site in which the created web content belongs to.

Go to Control panel -> Sites -> Sites -> Click on the lexicon button and then click on edit to find the Site ID

Checkpoint: Create a new user from the control panel and log into the portal by the new user credentials. Newly created Terms and Conditions will appear

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