Liferay Cloud Support Overview

Liferay is committed to providing an excellent customer experience. As part of this commitment, we offer support for Liferay Cloud subscriptions. Every Liferay Cloud customer has access to our product documentation, ticketing support, and phone support as outlined in our Support Channels. This page is meant to be an overview of the general Support Policies, but details are subject to your legal agreement with Liferay.

For more detailed information about legal agreements and services, please refer to and locate the section “Liferay Cloud Service Appendix.”

Status Page

For real-time updates on the status of the Liferay Cloud Platform, all customers should subscribe to the Liferay Cloud Status page. Click on “Subscribe to Updates” and select the type of notification that is most convenient for you.


Support Channels

Liferay Cloud will provide Support Services to customers only through communication with the Designated Contacts that are associated with the customer project. 

There are three main support channels to solve any issues that may arise with the Liferay Cloud product: self-service documentation, submitting a ticket, and via phone. For self-service documentation and ticket submission, Liferay Help Center is available for subscribers.

Self-service documentation is available in Help Center and includes both official documents and knowledge base articles. Help Center documentation is always available to help customers navigate issues and knowledge base articles are continually added by Liferay Support for reference.

Ticketing is available in Help Center for authorized contacts and response times may vary based on the severity of the issues as outlined in the “Liferay Cloud Service Appendix.” under "Severity Levels". 

Phone support is provided from six Support Centers located across the globe. A customer’s designated Support Region is determined by the customer’s country of purchase. Each Support Center maintains the following Support Business Hours, except during observed holidays, for its respective Support Region. All Support Region phone numbers can be found on our Contact Us page. 

Support Region

Support Center

Time Zone Standard Business Days Standard Business Hours

United States & Canada

United States

UTC -8 (PST) or UTC -7 (PDT),
as applicable

Monday to Friday 8am until 5pm



UTC +1 (CET) or UTC +2 (CEST),
as applicable

Monday to Friday 9am until 6pm

Spain & Portugal


UTC +1 (CET) or UTC +2 (CEST),
as applicable

Monday to Friday 9am until 6pm

South Asia*


UTC +5:30 (India Standard Time)

Monday to Friday 9am until 6pm

Latin America


UTC -3 (Brasilia Standard Time)

Monday to Friday 9am until 6pm



UTC +8 (China Standard Time)

Monday to Friday 9am until 6pm



UTC +9 (Japan Standard Time)

Monday to Friday 9am until 6pm


Support Exclusions

Liferay Cloud is not obligated to provide Support Services in the following situations unless otherwise stated in your legal agreement with Liferay:

  1. Software or Cloud Service has been modified, changed, damaged by Customer in any way, except as provided in the applicable Documentation or otherwise as directed by or under agreement with Liferay, with or without malicious intent;
  2. The Incident is caused by Customer’s negligence, malicious intent, hardware malfunction, or other causes beyond the reasonable control of Liferay;
  3. The Incident is caused by Third-Party Software, unless the Third-Party Software causes the Software to not substantially conform to the Documentation;
  4. The incident results from use of a custom service that is outside Liferay Cloud's published services.
  5. Customer has been previously provided a fix for an Incident reported to Liferay and where Customer has not installed such fix within forty-five (45) days after its been given to Customer; and/or
  6. Where Liferay has discontinued Services for the version of the Software in accordance with the EOSL Policy.
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