How is Auto Scaling charged?

By default, the Auto Scaling Feature comes disabled in every Liferay Experience Cloud - Self-Managed (LXC-SM) account. The customer can make use of this functionality by enabling it via the console, within the menu of the "Liferay" service in a production environment.

Once Auto Scaling is enabled, the platform will begin to keep track of the new instances deployed on an hourly basis. There will be an hourly charge for any extra instances deployed due to Auto Scaling. This activation is independent of the LXC-SM subscription procurement process.

Liferay will issue an invoice to the customer for the use of Auto Scaling after each quarter that the customer deploys, uses, or executes Auto Scaling instances, and the customer will pay such invoice(s) in accordance with the agreement.


Pricing for each Instance of LXC-SM Subscription utilized through Auto-Scaling is based on the number of clock hours during which the customer utilizes each such Instance. For pricing purposes, total usage during a calendar quarter will be rounded up to the nearest full clock hour.

Environment Type Price per Instance per Hour
High Availability $12.00 USD
Standard $23.00 USD


For clarity, the prices specified above are Liferay’s standard prices for auto-scaling of LXC-SM Instances. Such pricing is applicable to such auto-scaling usage unless a customer has entered into a separate written agreement with Liferay as to pricing for such usage.

For further information regarding the Auto Scaling feature, please read our documentation.

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