Method to diff two Liferay Fix Packs


  • How can I find the difference between two fix pack versions?
  • Is there a method to diff fix packs?


  • DXP 7.2   
  • DXP 7.1   
  • DXP 7.0
  • Portal 6.2


Quick method: Liferay provides an Online Comparison Tool for DXP Releases

Manual method: In this example guide, we will diff Fix Pack 10 and Fix Pack 12 (DXP-10 and DXP-12)

  • Firstly obtain the source code (.src) files for the Fix Packs to be diffed. These can be downloaded from our Helpcenter

  • Important: When going through the diff process, work with the older file first (DXP-10) or the latest file (DXP-12) will be sourced when running the "store" command
  • Add DXP-10 source zip to patches folder at this location

  • Open a terminal window and navigate to the patching-tool folder
  • Run the store command to add DXP-10 to the Patching Tool Store
    ./ store add liferay-fix-pack-dxp-10-7110-src
    Initializing: store/liferay-fix-pack-dxp-10-7110-src/
    Storing patches: [1%..10%..20%..30%..40%..50%..60%..70%..80%..90%..100%]
    Current patch level is stored as 'liferay-fix-pack-dxp-10-7110-src'.
  • Note that a new 'store' folder has been created and populated with DXP-10 data

  • Now add DXP-12 source zip to patches folder ${liferay.home}/patching-tool/patches
  • Run the store command again this time with the DXP-12 filename
    ./ store add liferay-fix-pack-dxp-12-7110-src
  • Now we have both Fix Packs in the store ready to diff

  • We'll run a FULL diff on the two stored source files and output to an HTML file
    ./ diff full source liferay-fix-pack-dxp-10-7110-src liferay-fix-pack-dxp-12-7110-src html
    Comparing patch levels...
    Diff file created: /liferay.home/patching-tool/diff/liferay-fix-pack-dxp-10-7110-src-liferay-fix-pack-dxp-12-7110-src-source-diff.html

    Sample output from HTML file...


Additional Information

  • ./ help diff
  • ./ help store
  • This method may also be used with the following combinations:
    hotfix vs hotfix, fix pack vs hotfix, hotfix vs fix pack
  • Liferay DXP Release Notes
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