Support Access

In most of the cases, when customers open tickets via Help Center, the Liferay support team is able to resolve the issues by asking questions and interacting with customers.

However, there are certain cases where Liferay support members need to access the customers' environment in order to analyze and diagnose issues in more detail. This kind of access needs to be explicitly allowed by the customer.

Allowing Support Access

In order to allow Liferay Support Access, users can navigate to Settings → Support access.


To give customers more flexibility and control, this configuration is made on each separate environment. For example, customers can choose to enable support access on the development environment but have this option disabled on the production environment.

This option is enabled by default in order to facilitate development, but you can disable anytime.

Besides that, the only team members who can enable/disable this option are users with the Admin role.

Auditing Support Access

Whenever a change is made to Support Access, a new activity is registered with the information of who performed this action and when this was made. To visualize the entire history of changes made to Support Access, you can navigate to Activities → General.


An email is also sent to all team members whenever there's a change related to Support Access.


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