Patching a Slim Bundle


When attempting to patch a Slim Service Pack bundle or Slim Fix Pack bundle the following error is generated:

This installation does not include data for patching. Please copy the 
liferay-patching-files-[separation-name].zip file into the 'patches'
directory and run patching-tool setup. 


A Slim Service Pack or Slim Fix Pack bundle does not include the patching files necessary to change the fix pack level.  Restoring the patching files will make it possible to change the fix pack level or install a hotfix.

  1. Download the patching files from Help Center by locating the service pack and selecting Patching Files in the dropdown.  The service pack can be found in the Latest Release or Service Pack Archives section of the product menu.
  2. Place the patching files in the patches folder of the liferay patching tool.  In a bundle the patches folder is located under the patching-tool folder: [liferay-home]/patching-tool/patches
  3. Open a command or terminal window at the root of the patching-tool folder.
  4. Execute the patching-tool setup command.
  5. After receiving a success message, place the desired fix pack or hotfix in the patches folder.
  6. Execute patching-tool info and verify that the fix pack or hotfix is currently not installed and will be installed.
  7. Execute patching-tool install to install the desired hotfix or fix pack.

Additional Information

Slim Service Pack or Slim Fix Packs are the very same code base as traditional service packs with the patch and patching information removed. Removing this information makes the Slim Service Pack one third of the general SP in size.  Slim Service Pack and Slim Fix Pack bundles are recommended for demos and installations where disk space is limited or costly. However, these bundles can be patched if necessary.

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