Extending Blade CLI

You can extend Blade in three different ways:

There are a few use cases to consider when extending Blade CLI. For example, if you only want to add a new command that applies globally to all types of workspaces, you can create and install a new custom command as explained in the links above.

Alternatively, you may want a set of custom commands that only apply to a specific workspace environment. Normally, Liferay developers who use Blade CLI run a series of Blade commands that make sense in the default Liferay Workspace. What if the workspace, however, should support a containerized environment (e.g., Docker) or some other specialized environment? The commands used in the development workflow must complete the workflow differently.

To customize Blade CLI’s development workflow, you must create a Blade profile. Blade profiles override existing Blade commands or add new commands in a preserved environment that can be applied to any Liferay Workspace. For example, blade init for a profile myprofile would override the default init command to do something before/after the normal init command. For more information, see Creating a Blade Profile.

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