How can we track the complete details of the login history of any user from Liferay Database?


  • If the requirement is to track the events and actions which are going in the Liferay portal like user login logout, document library files actions like add, delete and update.


  • Liferay Portal 6.2


  • Liferay had provided an OOTB application Liferay Audit which gives the complete login and logout details of a user.
  • The Liferay Audit Plugin can be downloaded from the marketplace.
  • The information of the user can be retrieved in two ways.
    • From 'audit_auditevent' table which will be created in the DB once you deploy the plugin in the portal.
    • Alternatively, the details of user activity are present in the portal itself through Audit Reports. This can be accessed by going to Control Panel-> Configuration-> Audit Reports.


Additional Information

  • Steps to Install the Liferay Audit Plugin
    1. Download the lpkg file from marketplace.
    2. Deploy the lpkg file.
    3. Verify the lpkg by checking through Control Panel-> Apps and search for audit.
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