Commerce 2.0.5 Release Notes

Minor Improvements

  • COMMERCE-1828: As a store manager, I want to filter countries per channel

Bug Fixes


  • COMMERCE-1691: Unknown column '' in 'where clause'
  • COMMERCE-1790: [APIS] Billing and Shipping Address are not saved on Order upsert
  • COMMERCE-1791: [APIS] Account Addresses are duplicated when an account is upserted
  • COMMERCE-1829: API not working on order upsert


  • COMMERCE-1618: Initializer creates duplicate data (addresses and products) each time a site is initialized
  • COMMERCE-1670: Create button is clickable even when disabled

Account Management

  • COMMERCE-1398: Subscriptions widget does not display subscriptions
  • COMMERCE-1689: Cannot add Users to Account through Control Panel
  • COMMERCE-1711: Address Refactor (Remove groupId, change modal radio buttons to checkboxes, insure that CP and Minium display addresses in sync)
  • COMMERCE-1750: Address region not populating on address change
  • COMMERCE-1753: Cannot Unassign Commerce Roles from Account Widget
  • COMMERCE-1758: Place not maintained when changing pages in Account Management Widget

Digital Store Management

  • COMMERCE-1430: [MINI CART] - Order workflow bypassed
  • COMMERCE-1696: [PRODUCT RELATIONS] - Relations lost
  • COMMERCE-1716: [DISCOUNTS] Channel checkboxes need unique ids
  • COMMERCE-1740: Take care of reservedQuantity when calculating stock quantity
  • COMMERCE-1811: Issues with Inventory level
  • EMP-53: Site Admins are unable to create a new tax category

Shopping Experience

  • COMMERCE-1579: The Money Order Configuration Message does not display on the Payment Summary page
  • COMMERCE-1625: Cannot use global search when a non-admin, and using special characters
  • COMMERCE-1628: The Quantity displayed on product details page does not reflect purchasable quantity
  • COMMERCE-1686: [WISHLIST] Multi-sku products button should be "View All Variants" instead of "Add to Cart"
  • COMMERCE-1688: NPE when Adding an Order without an Account
  • COMMERCE-1706: Cannot cancel out of product option values configuration
  • COMMERCE-1723: Search Pagination Not Parsing Correctly
  • COMMERCE-1726: Cart gets empty after login
  • COMMERCE-1729: Error Message Not Helpful When Reordering a Place Order
  • COMMERCE-1731: Some issue with product pricing (pricing hierarchy & logic, or display, or order info)
  • COMMERCE-1736: Payment Method Priority Does Not Work
  • COMMERCE-1747: Re-order does not persist new commerceOrderId
  • COMMERCE-1748: WLT: Add to cart button should change colour to green as on the Catalog page
  • COMMERCE-1764: Geolocate Validation for Warehouses Doesn't Work
  • COMMERCE-1769: Checkout Button for Orders Does not work
  • COMMERCE-1770: Order By Modified Date for Catalogs is Broken
  • COMMERCE-1773: Order By Modified Date for Channels is Broken
  • COMMERCE-1775: Dependencies mismatch on catalog page
  • COMMERCE-1786: Commerce Notification Not Being Added To Queue
  • COMMERCE-1796: [ACCOUNT ADDRESSES] - Addresses not listed in site's account addresses
  • COMMERCE-1805: [IMPORTER] PortletSettingsImporter is searching for categories in the site instead of company group
  • COMMERCE-1808: [SUBSCRIPTIONS] Paypal recurring payment not working
  • EMP-40: Option names does not show in Option Facet portlet
  • EMP-65: Searching Countries returns 0 results
  • EMP-92: Add Shipping Options Settings - Warehouse Field is Blank

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