Enabling A/B Testing

Before creating an A/B test, you must ensure some conditions are met:

  • You must have Liferay DXP connected to Analytics Cloud. To begin, add a Data Source.

  • Your page must be a Content Page, since only Content Pages (not Widget Pages) support Experiences for different Segments.

  • The Content Page you intend to test must be published.

If these conditions are met, A/B Testing is automatically enabled for any Content Page you navigate to, assuming you have the proper permissions. You’ll learn more about how to assign permissions for A/B Testing next.

Setting A/B Testing Permissions

To use all the features of A/B Testing, you must have Update permissions for the Content Page.

To assign Update permissions for a Content Page,

  1. Navigate to Site Administration → Site BuilderPages.

  2. Select the Actions button (Actions) next to the Content Page and click Permissions.

  3. Enable the Update permission for the Role(s) you want to grant A/B Testing access for and click Save.

For more information, see Page Permissions and Managing Roles.

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