Using Clay Icons in a Theme

To use Clay icons in your themes, you must use the clay taglib macro. If you want to use Clay icons in your portlets, follow the steps in the Clay taglib icons article. To use Clay icons in your theme, follow these steps:

  1. Open the FreeMarker theme template you want to use the Clay icon in.

  2. Use the @clay["icon"] macro and specify the icon with the symbol attribute, as shown in the pattern below:

    <@clay["icon"] symbol="icon-name" />

    The full list of icons can be found on ClayUI’s site (CSS/Markup tab). Here is an example configuration for a Facebook social media icon:

        <a class="text-white"
          <span class="hide">Facebook</span>
          <@clay["icon"] symbol="social-facebook" />

Great! Now you know how to use Clay icons in your theme.

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