Search Tuning modules must be deactivated when DXP 7.2 Service Pack 1 (SP1)/Fix Pack 2 (FP2) is configured with Solr 7


When DXP 7.2 is configured with Solr 7 and your patch level is Service Pack 1 (SP1) or Fix Pack 2 (FP2) or higher, if you navigate to the Search Tuning category on the Control Panel "Portlet is temporarily unavailable" error appears on page and errors are thrown in the console. This will be resolved under LPS-102609 and LPS-102611.


Search Tuning features likes Synonyms and Result Rankings (available since SP1+/FP2+) are not supported on Solr. You must blacklist certain DXP modules that only work with Elasticsearch when DXP is configured to use Solr 7 as a search engine.

  1. Create a configuration file named com.liferay.portal.bundle.blacklist.internal.BundleBlacklistConfiguration.config
  2. Give it these contents:
  3. Place the file in Liferay_Home/osgi/configs.

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