A/B Testing

Liferay DXP can help you hone your messages to customers by periodically testing different UX and messaging schemes. You can show different versions of your site to different users to see which is more effective.

A/B Testing lets you maintain a page’s current UX and messaging, but provide alternative page variants for a select group of visitors. Then the current page and page variant(s) are tested based on algorithms to determine which pages perform better for a given goal (e.g., bounce rate, clicks, etc.).

For example, a Marketing team for a bank provides a Content Page advertising a new credit card. The page has been published for a few weeks, but a redesign might help promote the new credit card better. With A/B Testing, the team can create a new page variant and display both pages at random to visitors. Then they can analyze the clickthrough rate for the two pages and find which page is more effective. If the new variant is more effective than the original page, they can publish it and remove the old page.

If improving your site’s UX and messaging is something you’re interested in, continue on to learn more!

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