Customizing the Lunar Resort's Header and Logo

The Header contains the navigation and logo for the site. In this section you’ll customize the look and feel of the Header and add a custom logo.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open portal_normal.ftl and replace the <header>...</header> element and contents with the updated code snippet below. This updates the structure slightly, making the banner expand the full width of the Header, and adds a new header_css_class variable to the class attribute. This variable is defined in a later step.

    <header class="${header_css_class}">
    	<div class="container-fluid" id="banner" role="banner">
    		<a class="${logo_css_class}" href="${site_default_url}" title="<@liferay.language_format arguments="${site_name}" key="go-to-x" />">
    			<img alt="${logo_description}" height="${site_logo_height}" src="${site_logo}" width="${site_logo_width}" />
    			<#if show_site_name>
    		<#if has_navigation>
    			<#include "${full_templates_path}/navigation.ftl" />
  2. Replace the <div class="container-fluid" id="wrapper"> element with the updated code below to remove some margins and padding:

    <div class="container-fluid mt-0 pt-0 px-0" id="wrapper">

    And move the wrapper down, and place it directly above the <section id="content"> element:

    <div class="container-fluid mt-0 pt-0 px-0" id="wrapper">
      <section id="content">
  3. The logo’s height is retrieved with the ${site_logo_height} variable. The height of the logo is a bit too large for the Lunar Resort theme, so you must adjust it. Remove the width attribute from the logo’s image so it defaults to auto:

    <img alt="${logo_description}" height="${site_logo_height}" src="${site_logo}" />
  4. Create init_custom.ftl in your theme’s /src/templates/ folder and assign the logo’s site_logo_height variable to the value below:

    <#assign site_logo_height = 56 />
  5. Assign the new header_css_class variable you added in step one to the value below:

    #assign header_css_class = 
    "navbar navbar-expand-md navbar-dark flex-column flex-md-row bd-navbar" 

    This applies Bootstrap and Clay utility classes to provide the overall look and feel of the Header. Assigning the classes to a variable keeps portal_normal clean and makes the code easy to maintain. If you want to update the classes, you just have to modify the variable (e.g. header_css_class = header_css_class + " my-new-class").

  6. Add the code snippet below to update the logo_css_class variable to use Bootstrap’s navbar-brand class:

    <#assign logo_css_class = logo_css_class + " navbar-brand" />
  7. Before you upload the theme to see what it looks like so far, you must create a theme thumbnail so you can identify it. To save time, copy the thumbnail.png asset from the lunar-resort-build/assets/images/ folder to a new /src/images/ folder. Note that its dimensions are 480px by 270px. These dimensions are required to display the theme thumbnail properly.

  8. The theme isn’t complete yet, but you’ll deploy what you have so you can replace the default logo with the Lunar Resort logo. Enable Developer Mode before deploying your theme, so the theme’s files are not cached for future deployments. Start the server, if it’s not already started, and deploy the theme with the command below:

    gulp deploy
  9. Before you configure the pages, you must import the Lunar Resort’s pages. Open the Control Menu and navigate to PublishingImport. Click the Plus button to create a new import process. Click Select File and import the lunar_resort_pages.lar from the lunar-resort-build/assets/ folder. Keep the default settings and click Import.

  10. Open the Control Menu and navigate to Site BuilderPages. Click the Gear icon next to Public Pages to open the configuration menu. Under the Look and Feel tab, scroll down and click the Change Current Theme button and select the Lunar Resort Theme. Scroll to the Logo heading, click the Change button, upload the lunar-resort-logo.png asset from the lunar-resort-build/assets/images/ folder, and click the Save button to apply the theme and logo.

Great! You’ve customized the Lunar Resort’s Header and applied a custom logo. Next, you’ll configure and customize the theme’s navigation.

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