Is the Email Notification for a Form Submission Editable?


Can the email notification that is sent for new form submissions be edited?  Additionally, when a form is submitted with uploaded file(s), can the email notification be configured to include those files as attachments to the email?

Affected Versions

  • Liferay DXP 7.0+


Form Submission Email Can't be Updated: The Forms Portlet doesn't currently provide a way OOTB to edit the email template used to send notifications for new form submissions. The template associated with this email is static in the Forms code, hence there is no UI / extension point to change it.

There are active feature requests regarding this functionality, which you can vote to see in a future release:

However, if it is necessary for you to change this email template, then you will need to customize the Forms code following the instructions available on this article:

Files Uploaded through the Upload Field (DXP 7.1+ only) on Forms Can't be Sent as Attachments on the Notification Email: The emails sent by portal are primarily intended to notify users about updates on the portal-side (for example: a new Web Content was created, an update on the date time of a Calendar event, etc).  This is the intended behavior of the email notifications feature and not intended to create an alternative way of accessing the content from those creation/update events.   

There is an active feature request regarding this functionality, as well, which you can vote to see in a future release:

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