Liferay Connected Services - Feature Deprecation Update - March 2020


After a thorough evaluation, Liferay has decided to deprecate the following features in the LCS Platform on

  • Page Analytics
  • Snapshot Metrics
  • Fix Pack Management
  • Portal Properties


These features have been discontinued. To view previously recorded metrics, you can request copies of the historic data recorded for your connected servers from Liferay Support.

What are your alternatives if you have been using these features to monitor the health of your Liferay instances?


Liferay Support does not recommend or endorse specific third-party products over others. Liferay is not responsible for any instructions herein or referenced regarding these products. Any implementation of these principles is the responsibility of the subscriber.

To prepare a replacement, we recommend that you evaluate your monitoring needs and select an appropriate alternative.

As Page Analytics and Snapshot Metrics are no longer available in LCS, Liferay DXP will not provide out-of-the-box monitoring features. On the other hand, you can choose from a variety of third-party tools to monitor Liferay DXP instances.

For basic monitoring, consider keeping track of garbage collection, JVM performance, database connection pools, and application server threads. In Liferay Help Center, you can find an introduction into basic monitoring using the Visual VM tool.

Advanced monitoring is required when looking for more detailed and more extensive information on the entire Liferay DXP stack: web server, browser, application server, and database.

Dynatrace is an application performance management (APM) tool that can be used with a pre-configured profile, custom-tailored for Liferay DXP environments: the Liferay DXP FastPack. With many dashboards out-of-the-box, and more dashboards included after deploying the FastPack developed for Liferay DXP, Dynatrace provides many advantages as an advanced monitoring tool.

This article mentions two options that you have at your disposal to monitor the health of your Liferay DXP instances. Depending on the Liferay project's needs, its setup or the team's experiences, other tools may be a better fit. 

For more information about performance monitoring guidance, please speak with your Account Executive or Customer Experience Manager.

Updates on

LCS Admins may notice the following changes have been made to the LCS Platform website:

  • The Environment Registration and Activation Token creation pages no longer list the deprecated features in question.
  • The Server View page only displays Server Settings. The Server View tabs, showing data gathered by the deprecated functionality, have been removed.
  • Email notifications can no longer be enabled for when a new fix pack is available.

Additional Information

Official Documentation - Introduction to Monitoring Liferay DXP, by version:

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