Commerce 2.0.7 Release Notes

Breaking Changes

See Breaking Changes article for more information and affected properties.

  • COMMERCE-1469: Remove exports from commerce-product-service
  • COMMERCE-1660: The Display of the Prices to the Buyer with Minium is Wrong in Many Places
  • COMMERCE-2270: Added support for nested fields
  • COMMERCE-2491: Make the product details widget compatible with the Classic Theme

Minor Improvements

Compatibility with Liferay DXP & Portal 7.2

  • COMMERCE-1621: Add Liferay Portal/DXP 7.2 Compatibility to Liferay Commerce
  • COMMERCE-2310: Add frontend taglib module compatibility with 7.2.x


  • COMMERCE-1648: Minium needs a themed login page
  • COMMERCE-2291: As a store administrator, I don't want to allow buyers to switch accounts using the account selector or edit their order from the mini cart during the checkout process
  • COMMERCE-2481, COMMERCE-2482: Add new settings to Minium theme

APIs and Data Integration Tools

  • COMMERCE-2035: Make Commerce Admin APIs nested field compliant
  • COMMERCE-2036: Add Filter and Sort to list endpoints
    • COMMERCE-2361: Add filter to Account entities
    • COMMERCE-2360: Add filter to Pricing entities
    • COMMERCE-2359: Add filter to Inventory entities
    • COMMERCE-2349: Add Filter to Catalog entities
  • COMMERCE-2037: Improve image support in the Catalog Product APIs
    • COMMERCE-2406: Remove base64 from response
    • COMMERCE-2407: Return the complete url to image
    • COMMERCE-2408: add two endpoints for creating attachments
  • COMMERCE-2255: Account API: allow adding accounts to account groups by external reference code
  • COMMERCE-2256: Inventory API: upsert a WarehouseItem(sku) by externalReference code
  • COMMERCE-2268: Product images are not managing external codes and are being added several times
  • COMMERCE-2335: Catalog API: stop cleaning fields that aren't sent during the creation of a product
  • COMMERCE-2336: Account API: delete relationship between account and account group
  • COMMERCE-2391: Add external reference code CRUD endpoints to AccountAddress resource
    • COMMERCE-2392: Add to AccountAddresses the external reference code field management
  • COMMERCE-2424: Add new methods to headless-commerce-admin-inventory
  • COMMERCE-2468:Add missing ERC endpoints
  • COMMERCE-2488: Add capability to pass subscription info via site initializer

Configuration and Settings

  • COMMERCE-2401: As a store administrator, I want to define a default account role for users on the instance level

Digital Store Management

  • COMMERCE-2254: Show printed in the Orders admin UI
  • COMMERCE-2105: As a store manager, I want to add the items of an order to the email confirmation
  • COMMERCE-1980: Create an order admin emails page
  • COMMERCE-1844: Auto import the regions of more countries out of box
  • COMMERCE-989: As a sales network manager, I want to be able to deactivate an account
  • COMMERCE-2106: Improve Notification Templates
  • COMMERCE-2334: ERC and Printed Notes should be displayed for orders in the Admin Order UI
  • COMMERCE-2330: Order needs an orderDate column to better track the date an order was placed
  • COMMERCE-2264: Notification Templates Improvements

Digital Merchandise Management

  • COMMERCE-2495: Create taglib for coupon code input

Shopping Experience

  • COMMERCE-2231: Create a soy component for the subscription info tag
  • COMMERCE-2265: Improve the error message when a buyer tries to add multiple subscription products to a cart
  • COMMERCE-2322: As a buyer, I want to sort products by their price
  • COMMERCE-2324: As a buyer, I want to remove all products from my cart/order with one click
  • COMMERCE-2331: Users should be sent to order details instead of checkout if their cart has validation errors

Subscriber Only

  • Commerce Forecast
    • COMMERCE-2046: Create a Forecast Alert service
    • COMMERCE-2479: Enrich Forecast REST models
    • COMMERCE-2409: Create Forecast importer

Bug Fixes

APIs and Data Integration Tools

  • COMMERCE-1835: Include modified_date parameter in /v1.0/warehouses/{id}/warehouseItems/
  • COMMERCE-1985: A 20% Discount Should be 80% of the Price, not 20%
  • COMMERCE-2028: PriceList PriceEntry upsert process throws a duplicate entry exception
  • COMMERCE-2157: Image has not been registered using headless-commerce-admin-catalog/v1.0/product to add a new product
  • COMMERCE-2215: Filtering Commerce Products by category through the Headless Delivery API
  • COMMERCE-2326: OptionCategory upsert method doesn't create new entity
  • COMMERCE-2327: Product DTO OpenAPI schema contains incorrect required field productTypeName
  • COMMERCE-2341: Method /createUser update the authentication user
  • COMMERCE-2397: Wrong "id" setting on OrderDTOConverter
  • COMMERCE-2405: Products API: temporary file cannot be created
  • COMMERCE-2464: Option Resource returns wrong HTTP response code after successful update
  • COMMERCE-2487: Send promo price of order item in the APIs
  • COMMERCE-2494: Update a product definition using the headless api always reset the ignore sku combination field
  • COMMERCE-2519: Add missing status update on product admin API
  • COMMERCE-2522: Post warehouseItems doesn't set externalReferenceCode



  • COMMERCE-980: A user with a single business account still sees the account list
  • COMMERCE-987: Minium's order page pagination is broken
  • COMMERCE-1535: Can't Add Products to Wish List in Minium
  • COMMERCE-1777: Favorite Icon Does not work for Minium Theme when SPA is disabled
  • COMMERCE-1794: The selected Category is not highlighted in the Commerce Categories Navigation widget
  • COMMERCE-1989: As an Account Administrator, I should be able to give a user in my Account the Buyer role
  • COMMERCE-1993: Buyer role unable to add items to the cart
  • COMMERCE-1994: Cannot add products to a wish list in Minium
  • COMMERCE-1997: Product option dropdown doesn't work
  • COMMERCE-1998: Product option dropdown displays language key
  • COMMERCE-2080: Fix the table styling of Account info (Organizations)
  • COMMERCE-2082: Wish lists shouldn't be dependent on an account being selected
  • COMMERCE-2095: Fix the styling of a product card when the product card doesn't have a price
  • COMMERCE-2228: When a product is deleted in the Minicart, the related button in the Catalog should reset
  • COMMERCE-2235: Minium Product Details widget is unavailable
  • COMMERCE-2237: None of the JS from frontend-taglib works
  • COMMERCE-2285: Minium is not styled correctly when a user doesn't have access to the control panel
  • COMMERCE-2289: The Minium Mini Cart button sometimes shown Review-Order even when no approval workflow is enabled
  • COMMERCE-2290: A user who is part of multiple accounts can't see open orders in the account selector
  • COMMERCE-2296: Cannot add any products that have options to the cart
  • COMMERCE-2311: Deactivating accounts on the second page of accounts redirects to the wrong site
  • COMMERCE-2375: None of our Minium tables have localized headers
  • COMMERCE-2377: Minium's mini cart on 7.2 is misplaced
  • COMMERCE-2387: Adding a product to the compare bar throws a browser error
  • COMMERCE-2388: The color of the "Add Order" and "Save" button is incorrect
  • COMMERCE-2435: Cannot Add Account for purchasing in IE11
  • COMMERCE-2436: Product Detail page misaligned Items Added & Add More button on IE11
  • COMMERCE-2438: Pending Order button - text not centered in button in IE 11
  • COMMERCE-2439: Checkout cannot continue past Shipping Address section in IE11
  • COMMERCE-2440: Removing Account widget causes HTTP Status 500 error on Minium Site
  • COMMERCE-2442: Minium pagination is missing styling
  • COMMERCE-2490: When I set an allowed quantity for a product, Minium renderer does not show the select
  • COMMERCE-2507: Original prices of products are not crossed out, not properly spaced from discounted price.
  • COMMERCE-2518: Minium's Login page is styled incorrectly
  • COMMERCE-2520: Commerce Cart overlaps Widget and Content menu on Minium site
  • COMMERCE-2527: Price styles in Minicart are broken
  • COMMERCE-2528: Minium content distance from Liferay topbar is too low now
  • COMMERCE-2563: Can't open the Minium account selector on the /catalog page
  • COMMERCE-2561: Add to cart button not active


  • COMMERCE-2021: Speedwell is not initializing
  • COMMERCE-2216: Speedwell Fails to Initialize a Site
  • COMMERCE-2226: The Speedwell add to cart button has a double label in the product detail widget
  • COMMERCE-2418: Speedwell account dashboard has inverted links
  • COMMERCE-2444: Internal Server Error When Accessing Catalog/Checkout on Speedwell Site
  • COMMERCE-2445: Speedwell Site Doesn't Load on 7.2.x
  • COMMERCE-2496: Speedwell JS fix due to changed Liferay FE API
  • COMMERCE-2501: Improved Speedwell JS init to prevent SPA-caused freeze-up's
  • COMMERCE-2508: Speedwell Site Doesn't Load on 7.1.x and 7.2.x

Digital Merchandise Management

  • COMMERCE-1515: Filtering products by type in Admin > Products doesn't work
  • COMMERCE-1699: When a merchandising manager views a product with a channel filter disabled, they shouldn't see the list of channels to filter by
  • COMMERCE-1706: Cannot cancel out of product option values configuration
  • COMMERCE-1797: Cannot De-Select Never Expire for Product Images
  • COMMERCE-2000: Unable to filter by Category in the Product widget
  • COMMERCE-2002: Option Template keys are failing to auto-generate
  • COMMERCE-2004: Option Value keys are failing to auto-generate
  • COMMERCE-2025: Specification group name is empty
  • COMMERCE-2272: Option updates not taken by existing SKUs
  • COMMERCE-2274: Related option values keys won't autocomplete
  • COMMERCE-2282: Unable to delete a product
  • COMMERCE-2367: Price list entries page loading ends up with 500 due to the amount of data to be loaded
  • COMMERCE-2381: The positioning of the management bar filters for Products is off
  • COMMERCE-2477: The BOM empty states are not localized
  • COMMERCE-2509: Can't make option relation on images for a product
  • COMMERCE-2512: Cancel button not working on Friendly URL tab of edit category page
  • COMMERCE-2515: Package Quantity in Product Images does not save

Shopping Experience

  • COMMERCE-825: Can't Paginate Product Publisher
  • COMMERCE-1086: As a buyer, I shouldn't be told my payment was successful if my payment failed
  • COMMERCE-1271: The Product Comparison Bar widget shows the amount of the selected products, even after they've been deleted
  • COMMERCE-1547: Fix User Recommend NPE when no account is selected
  • COMMERCE-1640: Cannot add product to cart if option is not selected
  • COMMERCE-1687: The Product Details widget does not display the image associated with that SKU/product option
  • COMMERCE-1705: Trying to search and view products with the non-Commerce search result widget doesn't show products
  • COMMERCE-1990: Misleading UI feedback when a site member who does not have the buyer role attempts to add an item to the cart
  • COMMERCE-2115: Payment methods aren't being saved in the checkout process
  • COMMERCE-2192: Cannot create ADT for Product Publisher
  • COMMERCE-2238: NPMResolverProvider is always null in commerce-cart-taglib
  • COMMERCE-2250: Missing Frontend Validation for Country for New Address on Checkout
  • COMMERCE-2252: Move the Commerce Frontend Js module from adminui to 7.1.x-next
  • COMMERCE-2253: A user's wish list count shows the total number of wish lists in the instance instead of their personal count
  • COMMERCE-2312: You are able to add products to a deactivated account's orders, but then it fails with errors
  • COMMERCE-2315: Account Managers can see pending orders from accounts for which they do not have View permission
  • COMMERCE-2316: Low Stock Action not working
  • COMMERCE-2373: Product search doesn't include specifications as a search term
  • COMMERCE-2419: Commerce Organization Web does not deploy
  • COMMERCE-2441: PDFs in the My Downloads widget are missing the file extension
  • COMMERCE-2460: Deactivated accounts should be essentially inaccessible to buyers
  • COMMERCE-2469: Virtual Products don't show up in the Product Downloads widget
  • COMMERCE-2492: Back button doesn't work after clicking pagination for place orders
  • COMMERCE-2539: Avoid NPE in Cart Resource
  • COMMERCE-2541: Accommodate Discount Levels in Minicart
  • COMMERCE-2562: Can't add a product with a product option to an order
  • COMMERCE-2578: Localized product name is not displayed after changing language

Digital Store Management

  • COMMERCE-871: Orders widget pagination not working
  • COMMERCE-1172: User account is still active after user is deactivated
  • COMMERCE-1239: Trying to delete order items using the checkboxes doesn't work
  • COMMERCE-1335: Create a new geocoding method with no dependencies
  • COMMERCE-1458: When a user tries to relate an option template to a product that's already been related to that product, an error is thrown
  • COMMERCE-1544: The product admin does not respect the catalog currency
  • COMMERCE-1735: Store administrators are unable to update the price of an order item
  • COMMERCE-1742: Two Options for Pagination for Adding Products to Orders
  • COMMERCE-1746: Error When Increasing Quantity of Order Item from Admin View
  • COMMERCE-1759: Cannot Clear Search Term in Accounts Control Panel List
  • COMMERCE-1763: Search and Filters for Warehouses Do Not Work
  • COMMERCE-1771: Search Terms do not clear for Catalogs
  • COMMERCE-1772: Missing Language Key for Commerce Channel Custom Field
  • COMMERCE-1774: Search Terms do not clear for Channel
  • COMMERCE-1820: Checks Not Saved When Paginating Account Groups for Product
  • COMMERCE-1992: When adding a Content Page under the Minium theme, the Section and Widget icons don't display in the Site Builder menu
  • COMMERCE-1999: Search not working in Control Panel
  • COMMERCE-2007: Can't target a Discount to a Category
  • COMMERCE-2014: The Subscription Status is not editable by a store manager
  • COMMERCE-2259: Account Group Setup Failing
  • COMMERCE-2260: WarehouseInventory cannot be retrieved due to invalid SQL
  • COMMERCE-2278: Bad error message when adding a Product Display Page without choosing a Product
  • COMMERCE-2297: Can't set override a category display page
  • COMMERCE-2299: Can't create a new variable rate shipping option
  • COMMERCE-2317: Tax Settings pagination is broken
  • COMMERCE-2329: Commerce widgets throw errors when placed on a page in 7.2.x
  • COMMERCE-2333: Increase the printed note column size
  • COMMERCE-2351: Category friendly URL update fails with an exception
  • COMMERCE-2410: It's impossible to add permission actions of Commerce Orders to a site role
  • COMMERCE-2413: Create a search taglib for Commerce
  • COMMERCE-2423: NoSuchChannelException console error when navigating to Order Fields
  • COMMERCE-2433: Fix bugs found by notifications integration tests
  • COMMERCE-2451: Orders placed by Members do not appear in Orders Admin
  • COMMERCE-2465: Deactivated warehouses shouldn't show in the list of warehouses when creating a shipment
  • COMMERCE-2478: Account Management: Pagination in the roles of accounts members is not working
  • COMMERCE-2525: CPDisplayLayouts should be removed when it's target Layout is removed
  • COMMERCE-2535: Changing the quantity of product in a pending order does not save
  • COMMERCE-2537: A category's Friendly URL can't be updated
  • COMMERCE-2555: Order Date is missing a default value for when a value didn't previously exist

Configurations and Settings

  • COMMERCE-1056: CommerceRegionsStarter is not triggered when manually adding a Country
  • COMMERCE-1544: The product admin is not respecting the catalog currency
  • COMMERCE-1738: Payment Methods Order Filters Do Not Work
  • COMMERCE-1741: Pagination for Payment Options Doesn't Work
  • COMMERCE-2033: Notification Queue Entry Check Interval' System Setting Not Affecting Frequency Of Sending Notifications
  • COMMERCE-2305: Can't define order workflows in site Commerce settings
  • COMMERCE-2338: Tax Calculations pagination breaks Breadcrumb navigation
  • COMMERCE-2352: Notification Queue Entry Check Interval Always Using Default Value
  • COMMERCE-2356: Missing language keys in the Control Panel > Roles > Define Permissions.

Subscriber Only

  • COMMERCE-2556: Could not resolve module: com.liferay.commerce.machine.learning.impl on 7.1 SP3 startup
  • COMMERCE-2536: Talend Executor in data integration is not deleting temp files

General Bug Fixes

  • COMMERCE-872: JS files fail to resolve after we increment module versions
  • COMMERCE-1133: Make CSS and SCSS files underscore-delimited
  • COMMERCE-1469: Remove exports from commerce-product-service
  • COMMERCE-1594: Wrap GroupPersistence calls in portal transaction manager
  • COMMERCE-1825: URL Redirector Abuse attack in commerce admin
  • COMMERCE-2240: Fix the Source Formatter errors in upstream that are blocking tests
  • COMMERCE-2283: Errors in the log when starting Liferay Commerce
  • COMMERCE-2294: Trying to view a product with variants fails
  • COMMERCE-2362: Avoid to Store Ids in json column inside CPInstance table
  • COMMERCE-2370: Commerce Startup Error when internet connection is not active
  • COMMERCE-2374: Error on startup of Commerce on DXP 7.2 SP1
  • COMMERCE-2412: UI issues with Commerce 2.0.4 and jBoss 7.1



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