Users cannot see their own drafts in the Web Content list


  1. Create a user and assign a role with permission to create Web Content. This role must not be Administrator or Content Reviewer.mceclip2.png These are the summary permissions of the role:mceclip1.png
  2. Create one Web Content and save it as a draft.
  3. You can see that it is not in the web content list:mceclip3.png


  • DXP 7.0 or higher


  • This is not considered a bug and it is the expected behaviour:
    • For regular users, the Web Content admin section filters, by default, by "Approved" web content, so only approved web content will be listed.
    • For Administrator users or Content Reviewer users, this section filters, by default, by "Any" web content, showing any type of them.
  • Hence, there are two possible workarounds for regular users to see their own draft web contents on the list:
    • Change the filter manually to show only "Draft" web contents or "Any" of them.
    • Assign them the role of "Portal Content Reviewer". They will be able to see "Any" content by default, as commented above.

Additional Information

  • This case can apply to a status other than approved (like Scheduled).
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