Auto Upgrade in DXP 7.3 and Above


Starting from Liferay 7.3, new upgrades for modules won't run automatically on startup by default.


The following options are available to run the upgrades we may include in fix/service packs:

  • Recover the old behavior with the property set to true (not recommended in production environments unless you make the proper backups and remove the property just after the upgrade completion). This property is more complete than the previous autoUpgrade in com.liferay.portal.upgrade.internal.configuration.ReleaseManagerConfiguration.config since it covers the Core upgrades too. More information in breaking changes.
  • Run the upgrade tool
  • Run the upgrades using the Gogo Shell

There are a few exceptions that need to be considered:

  • Upgrades to initialize new service builder modules always run automatically.
  • For development environments, the property in is set to true by default

Please note that fix packs can only contain micro schema version changes which are optional, so you will only be required to run upgrades when installing service packs that contain minor upgrade processes, using one of the options discussed above. Complete instructions will be published in Help Center when releasing fix/service packs.

Additional Information

This decision was made to unify the behavior between modules and Core and to let users decide when to run upgrade processes.

For additional information please also see the following article or contact Liferay Support: Upgrade Processes for Fix Packs in DXP 7.3 and Above

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