I cannot use staging while the Publications option is enabled.


  • When I enable the Publications option, I cannot see the Staging on the UI and I am not able to utilize it.


  • Liferay DXP 7.3


  • Please note that this behavior is intended. According to the following Publications documentation:
    The Publications and Staging cannot be enabled at the same time as stated in the article:

    Staging and Publications cannot be enabled at the same time. If Staging is enabled on any of your Sites, you must first disable Staging before enabling Publications. See Disabling Local Live Staging and Disabling Remote Live Staging for more information.

    So we can either use one or the other. We can also test the other way around. disable Publications, the Staging option will be available, then enable Staging, and try to enable the Publications while staging is enabled. We will receive the following error in the UI:

    "Error: Staging is enabled for at least one site or asset library in the current virtual instance. Publications and staging cannot be used together."

          I am attaching a video illustration: PublicationsandStaging.mp4

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