Liferay Developer Studio 3.9.6 Release Highlights

Liferay Developer Studio provides an all-in-one, integrated development environment based on Eclipse for developers to build plugins for the Liferay Digital Experience Platform. Liferay Developer Studio is an Eclipse product that includes the Liferay IDE plugins and additional enterprise only features.


Liferay Developer Studio 3.9.6
Eclipse 2019-06 Liferay IDE 3.9.6
Liferay Workspace Blade 4.0.12


Release Highlights

  • Installer Improvements:
    • Bug fixes for the installDir parameter
  • Development Improvements:
    • Added support for Liferay Workspace Gradle 3.4.27
      • Embedded product info for additional support in offline mode
      • Added validation for an invalid product key
      • Bug fixes for deploying a theme project in Liferay 7.4
    • Improved support for product info entries
    • Added support for additional Liferay 7.4 bundles
      • JBoss Wildfly
      • JBoss EAP

Additional Information

Installation Instructions

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