About the Overview Page (Video Tutorial)



Support Level

The Support Level card showcases the project’s support level that was purchased along with the earliest start date and farthest end date of your subscription. Based on the dates of your subscription, the status of the support level will be one of the following: current, future, or expired.

Liferay Contact

Your Liferay Contact information is displayed next to the Support Level. Please feel free to contact them with any questions regarding your project. 


All subscriptions related to your project are displayed here for your convenience. You also have the ability to filter by Product or Status.

Upon clicking on a subscription card, a popup will appear allowing you to view the individual subscription terms in table format.

Sidebar Navigation

The left sidebar navigation allows you to navigate to the Product Activation pages for the products purchased or manage/view your Team Members. 

Quick Links

The right side panel called Quick Links can be collapsed or expanded. Depending on your role and products purchased, the following links will be displayed: 

  • Submit a Ticket 
  • Large File Attachments 
  • Source Code Access 
  • Latest Updates / Fix Packs
  • Activate Analytics Cloud 
  • Environment Details
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