Marketplace "my purchased" page is no longer accessible. How can I download the apps I already purchased?


  • With the updated Marketplace user interface, I can only see new applications and I can't access the "my purchased" page to access applications I previously purchased.


  • The current workaround to download the previously purchased applications is to:
  1. Navigate to this Liferay Account login page
  2. Authenticate with your credentials
  3. Once logged in, go directly to or by following this path
    1. From the top-right hand menu, click on Account Home
    2. On the next page, click on Apps
  4. Access the purchased apps page, which should look like the old Marketplace.


Direct link for Connector to Elasticsearch apps

In many cases, the previously purchased app that needs to be downloaded is one of the Connectors to Elasticsearch apps.
These apps can be downloaded from Help Center as well, at this link:

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