Startup errors after installing DXP 7.2 Fix Pack 20


After upgrading to Fix Pack 20, several errors related to Data Engine are thrown:

ERROR [Framework Event Dispatcher: Equinox Container: 0e2749fb-bcdd-4fbb-a731-5b616e580bfb][Framework:93] FrameworkEvent ERROR java.lang.IllegalStateException: DEFAULT is already registered at 
com.liferay.batch.engine.internal.BatchEngineTaskMethodRegistryImpl$BatchEngineTaskMethodServiceTrackerCustomizer.addingService([beanshell] at
ERROR [main][DataRecordResourceImpl:93] bundle (114)[] : The _dataStorageTracker field has thrown an exception


DXP 7.2 FP20


  • Liferay Plugin for Data Engine has been converted from a standalone app to a core/required app as of DXP 7.2 Fix Pack 20. See the description of LPS-162210.
  • Before installing this Fix Pack, remove the following packages:

LIFERAY_HOME/osgi/marketplace/Liferay Data Engine - API.lpkg

LIFERAY_HOME/osgi/marketplace/Liferay Data Engine - SPI.lpkg

LIFERAY_HOME/osgi/marketplace/Liferay Data Engine - Impl.lpkg

  • Delete the following folder


  • Start the bundle


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