After creating a new instance, we cannot log in to it.


We have created a new instance using the domain. After creating it, we cannot log in to the new instance using the user: test / password: test credentials.

What can we do to solve our problem?


Any Liferay version


To solve this problem, you have to check the following points:

1. Check the default user, password, and email prefix configuration

When a new instance is created, the user, password, and email prefix of the administrator user are controlled by the following properties of

You have to check if your file has any of these properties defined and use the values defined in this file if this is your case.

2. Check you are using the correct email domain

If your Liferay installation is configured to authenticate by email address (default configuration) check that you are using the correct email domain of the new instance.

3. Check the admin user information directly from the database

To make sure that you have the correct data, you can always get the administrator data from the DB with the SQL:

select * from User_ where companyId = <id of the new instance> and defaultUser = 0

This SQL returns the instance users. The one with the lower userId is usually the first administrator user of the instance.


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