Account Member cannot see Open Carts


1) Create a new site with Minium Template
2) Go to Control Panel > Users
3) Create a new user (User A)
4) Go to Control Panel > Account
5) Create a new Account and assign the Administrator and User A to the account
6) Go to Catalog with the Administrator
7) Add some items in the Cart and go in Open Carts
8) Access the site with User A
9) Go to Open Carts with User A

Actual Result

You get the error: Open Carts is temporarily unavailable.

Exception in the console:

2022-11-30 11:24:24.394 ERROR [ajp-nio-][AccountSelectorTag:184] null$MustHavePermission: User 100576 must have VIEW permission for com.liferay.commerce.model.CommerceOrder 7064255
        at ~[portal-kernel.jar:?]

Expected Result
The user should see the order.


  • Liferay DXP 7.4
  • Commerce


  • User A has not been assigned the Buyer role.
  • Once Buyer role is provided, User A should be able to see the order in Open Carts widget.


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