Create a new database user in Liferay Cloud LXC-SM


  • While creating a new DB user, it gets self-deleted upon server restart.


  • Liferay DXP 7.0 +


  • Please follow the below steps to create a new DB user after logging in as an admin user in MySQL:
    • create USER <username> identified by '<password>';
    • grant usage on lportal.* to '<username>'@'%' identified by '<password>';
    • GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON lportal.* TO '<username>'@'%' identified by '<password>';
    • Flush Priviledges;
  • Above steps would create a new user in MySQL DB.
  • Now, navigate to the Environment variables of Liferay and Database service and add the below variable:

Additional Information

  • The user gets deleted if the user is not added to the whitelist, as it is a manually created user.
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